In 1996, EQUIPEX was launched to offer products that are of the highest quality, possess unique features and offer an overall best value to its clients in the foodservice industry. With this strategy comes a commitment to professional, personalized, service. Our products are at the forefront of contemporary trends in cooking, holding and displaying of a wide variety of foods. The EQUIPEX mission is to provide solutions to foodservice challenges in the market place.

EQUIPEX products are creatively designed and manufactured, permitting the addition of innovative foods to a menu at a reasonable cost. In most cases, it is not an investment for the client, as the paycheck is days or weeks, not months or years. EQUIPEX products are especially appealing when the versatility, styling, quality, reliability and support are considered.

Whether for traditional market channels, such as restaurants or business and industry venues, or for healthcare, entertainment, military, or food retail outlets, EQUIPEX products will facilitate menu enhancement and increase revenues.